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Puppy Tails

‘We adopted Tucker from PuppyLoveCockers in late March. 

He has exceeded our expectations!  He is eager to learn and within his

first 3 weeks with us, had confidently conquered several ‘tricks’!  He loves to

perform!   He has the sweetest personality!

Tucker has acclimated to life with his new family, including a 13 year old cocker

with ease!! 

Thank you Beverly!


 Jil Johnson

Great Bend, KS

I'm All In!!!


Bev was wonderful to work with, very forthcoming with pertinent health/behavioral information, and generally a real pleasure to communicate with!  While we were very interested in the puppy, we were very concerned that the logistics involved with getting the puppy might be insurmountable.  My husband and I live in Lafayette, Indiana, and Bev’s kennel is in Kansas.  After careful consideration and conversations with Bev, we made arrangements to pick up our puppy near St. Joseph, MO.  For a nominal fee, Bev and her husband drove four hours to meet with us, cutting our prospective drive to eight hours.  Once the meeting time was set, Joe and I took off to pick up our new puppy.  We easily met and finished the transfer.  Bev was so accommodating.  She had everything we needed to get our new puppy home the eight hours back to Lafayette, IN…  even so far as to make sure we had water from her house and food for our puppy so we didn’t upset her stomach.  The medical records were all complete and really helped the transfer to our vet.


Overall, we appreciate Bev (and her husband’s) willingness to work with us to pick up our new puppy.  A+++ experience.  I would recommend Puppyluvcockers for anyone looking for a new canine family member.  Thanks, Bev!!!!”

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